Jitsu Wa Ore, Saikyou Deshita?

Jitsu Wa Ore, Saikyou Deshita?
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    Actually, Am I the Strongest?; На самом деле, я был самым сильным?; 実は俺、最強でした?; 실은 나, 최강이었다?

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    Takahashi A

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    Comedy - Ecchi - Fantasy - Romance - Shounen

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Jitsu Wa Ore, Saikyou Deshita? Rating: 3.5/5 - 24 Votes.
Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.


A shut-in is reborn into another world with the promise of a peaceful life. Although born into royalty, because his magic appeared to be weak, his parents abandoned him without a thought in the forest to be devoured by monsters. However, his magic is actually inhumanly strong. Just what will he have to do to attain the peaceful life he so desires?

Alt. Description:
I, a HIKKI-NEET, suddenly reincarnated in another world as a prince, and was immediately deemed the weakest ever, with my life already in a pinch after being abandoned as a baby, being stared down by a huge beast!? However, I could only use one kind of magic. It was close, but I was able to avoid a "dead end" in my first few days of being born using that magic. Anyways, I just want to live a lazy shut-in life as an adopted noble with my one all-purpose magic, but...?

A comic-adaption of a story about rising up!

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1tz M3hh Member 22:39 08/11 Báo vi phạm
If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga. i'm so, so sorry,please forgive me
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    Animan2not1 Member 06:14 08/16 Report
    Another of you people, srsly shut the hell up, this is a manga website, not a roblox comments section..
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    MGtyle Member 17:21 10/10 Report
    *uno reverse card* no you- oh wait, you don't have any parents do you, sorry *teehee*
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MGtyle Member 17:20 08/11 Chapter 33 Báo vi phạm
Hmmm.....don't get me wrong......but what if......those clone and the main......f*ck.......what is wrong with me.
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MGtyle Member 17:04 08/11 Chapter 25 Báo vi phạm
I'm starting to enjoy the memes at the end of each chapters more than the manga itself......it's a good thing though, don't get me wrong.