I Became The Ugly Lady

I Became The Ugly Lady
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Of all things, I possessed an ugly noble lady.
For the sake of receiving the attention of those who despised her, Sylvia Atlante, in the midst of all the ridicule and disrespect, made herself known as the “ugly lady”.
However, one day, I happened to possess Sylvia’s body, who drank poison and ended her own life. I didn’t want to live like her.
“I’m rich and healthy, so why do I need to care about other people? This is my life, I’m going to live as I want!”
I just wanted to live a quiet life, but…
“Still, you’re my little sister, and you’re part of the Atlante family.”
The family’s a little strange.
“I’m interested in you, not your younger sister.”
“You must take responsibility for this body until the end. That’s the job of the contractor.”
“I, Theve Hiddleton, swear to be the sword of Sylvia Atlante and devote everything to her.”
“I won’t bother you. So please, keep me by your side!”
“There’s nothing in this world I can’t find. So don’t even try to run away from me.”
The handsome guys who I thought I’d never get involved with stuck around.
What’s wrong with everyone? Isn’t this too different from Sylvia’s memory? I just wanted to live a peaceful life?!

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