Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit
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Xia Xuan, an ordinary university student, has been inherited by the Lich of the Other World, and his life has become wonderful since then. Bringing a group of skeleton babies to the city is both a death and a superhero act. The beauty of the school flower, the queen of the music scene, the overbearing female president … sheltered under the fire of Xia Yi’s soul! vampire? Werewolf? angel? demon? All turned! Riding a bone dragon against the Sky Mothership, the Undead Scourge creates a biochemical crisis, and all those who have caused the Lich have trouble!

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Trung Hiếu Member 17:49 10/28 Chapter 44 Báo vi phạm
stupid mc
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    Giang Chu Member 23:14 10/28 Report
    ông đọc tiếng anh cơ à
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Trung Hiếu Member 17:41 10/28 Chapter 23 Báo vi phạm
Stupic Mc